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The only certain thing about the future is change. The digital revolution is changing our world in ways that are unpredictable. I started union4digital to help students, professionals, companies and organisations to understand the impact of new technologies on their lives and how to embrace it to improve, develop and grow to be successful in the new digital world.

Who or what is union4? My name is Semir Jahic, I am Swiss, live in London (UK) and bring around 10 years of experience in tech, consulting, business strategy and startup advisory to the table. Having worked at companies such as Accenture and Salesforce, non-profits, ETH Zurich, an AI startup and with individuals across the board I’ve seen first hand how the new digital revolution changes our lives.

The origin of the name union4digital is my old address in Switzerland where I’ve lived. Coincidentally, Albert Einstein also lived there and the name had a nice ring to it. Union as per Wikipedia means “The act of uniting or joining two or more things into one.” and I believe that uniting for a digital future in which everyone can thrive and succeed is crucial.

With the union4digital blog, I want to share relevant news, developments, tools, analysis and thoughts on how you can leverage the new digital revolution for your business, organisation, career and personal life.

Thank you!

UCL Lecture on the Impact of AI on Jobs
UCL Lecture on the Impact of AI on Jobs